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Professional Display PANASONIC TH-48LFE8

  • Screen Size 48″
  • VA Panel / Direct LED
  • 350 cd/m2
  • Mounting : Landscape/ Portrait
  • Stylish, robust design with narrow bezel for reliable & efficient digital signage solutions for many industries
  • Built-in USB signage player with portrait / multi-screen configurations for simple signage applications
  • Various connectivity options including USB for quick and easy content playback

TH-48LFE8U Professional Display for Simple, Entry-Level Digital Signage

Installs in Just About Any Space

This slim design allows effective space utilization in stores, showrooms and conference rooms. With a depth of less than 62 mm, it is also not oppressive when mounted on a wall. Available in four sizes: 65, 55, 48, and 43 inches.


The Slim Bezel Enhances Viewing and Replacement

The bezel is about the same width all around the perimeter. On the 65-inch model, the bezel is only 7.5 mm (0.3″) wide on the top and both sides, and 10.5 mm (0.41″) on the bottom. This slim bezel design helps viewers concentrate on the screen image. In addition, when replacing, for example, a 60-inch PDP TV, a larger, 65-inch model can fit into almost the same space.

* Compared with the previous 60-inch model.

Simple Signage Operation with No Set-top Box

The LFE8 Series features a USB media player. Signage operation is possible by simply inputting the desired content via USB, eliminating the need for a set-top box. Both videos and still images can be displayed, so a wide variety of original signage content can be used.

Connecting more than one unit with LAN cable reproduces files in USB memory simultaneously.
One of the units becomes Master, and the others Slaves.
*For Media Player, provide the following files in USB memory. Play file / Scenario / File list


  • The maximum size of file is 2 GB.
  • You cannot play the files which are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Both an image and the sound choose support form.
  • Don’t support reproduction of only an audio file.

[Applicable device]

Depending on the type of a USB memory device, it may come in contact with the periphery such as a back cover, and cannot be attached. Use a commercially sold extension cable, or use a small type of a USB memory device connectable to this unit

  • Devices with security feature are not supported.
  • Devices not formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 cannot be used.
  • The maximum memory size of USB is 32 GB.

Choose the Installation to Match Your Application

The LFE8 Series is often used vertically for menu boards and town guide displays, and can be mounted in landscape, portrait, or multi-screen configuration. This provides information that is easy to see even in relatively high places inside the store, and increases mounting possibilities.

Built-in Speakers Are Convenient for Videoconferences

The LFE8 Series features 10 W + 10 W built-in speakers. This eliminates the need for external speakers when displaying content with a sound track or when holding videoconferences. There is also no need to consider the space for the speakers when setting up the display.

Increased Signal Support for a Wide Variety of Content

Compared to the LFE7 Series, the number of signals supported by the LFE8 Series has been increased by 25 to provide a total of 59. This lets you display the content of various formats. It also saves labor, not only for signage use, but also for reproducing materials in meeting rooms by eliminating the need to convert materials in advance.

Convenient Cloning for Same Size, Multi-display Operation

Menu settings and adjusted values set on a single display can be cloned to other, same-size displays using a USB memory device. This is highly useful for adding and installing a number of displays.

Depending on the type of a USB memory device, it may come in contact with the periphery such as a back cover, and cannot be attached. Use a commercially sold extension cable, or use a small type of a USB memory device connectable to this unit.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software Compatible

This free Panasonic original software enables you to monitor and control up to 2,048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC. As a monitoring function, the status of multiple devices can be listed in groups, and then detailed information on each devices can be separately displayed. Even more detailed information can be obtained by adding Early Warning Software (paid). As a control function, control commands such as power ON/OFF, input switching and command inputs can be executed, and a schedule function can be used.

Early Warning Software Compatible

Combination with a network that includes Early Warning Software also allows remote monitoring of the panel’s usage condition for cost-saving operation.

A LAN Control Function for Internet-based control

This function is highly convenient for operating signage for multiple displays. Control is performed from a PC over a LAN network. General-purpose LAN cabling is used, and the PC allows troubleshooting if an error should occur, for immediate response.

Generous Connectivity for Professional Use

The LFE8 Series comes standard with a host of input terminals. In addition to providing versatile video displays, these terminals enable external control and simple video wall setup.

Improving Convenience and Saving Energy with Power Management

The LFE8 Series features HDMI/DVI-D/PC Power Management functions. Once set, the power is automatically turned off if an image (sync signal) is not detected for 60 seconds during a meeting or other application. As soon as the PC is operated again, the power is automatically turned on, so there is no need to switch with the remote control.

Bezel Adjustment

When this mode is turned off, a full-screen image of the display panel, including edges (the entire width of the frame), is displayed. This is especially suitable for displaying text information, since no words are hidden by the frame.
The image areas that are hidden by borders can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Power ON Screen Delay

For video walls and other multi-unit applications, this function automatically shifts the power-on time slightly for each display unit in the system, so there’s less load on the power supply.

Input Search

When there is no signal, the specified input signal is automatically switched.

Screen Saver

The screen saver reduces the possibility of afterimages or image retention that can occur when displaying still images with constant, unchanging brightness for long periods of time. The Auto Power Off setting can also be set to automatically turn the power off when the screen saver operation ends.

Auto Setup

Simply press the Auto Setup key on the remote control to position the picture. This function automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical picture positions, the Clock Phase, and the Dot Clock when an RGB signal is input. The adjustment results in optimal standard values for horizontal and vertical picture sizes.

* When digital RGB signal input, Dot Clock and Clock Phase cannot be made.

1:1 Pixel Mode

The 1:1 Pixel mode maps the 1920 × 1080 video content to full-HD panel pixels to display 100% of the original content. By skipping the scaling process, this mode is able to produce high-definition images in their original, 1:1 pixel form.

* Compatible signal format: 1,125/50i, 60i, 24sF, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 1,250/50i

Digital Zoom

This function lets you enlarge a portion of an image up to four times its normal size and display it on the full screen. This function can help give presentations greater impact.

  • Digital Zoom does not work in Multi Display or Dual Picture mode.
  • Some degradation occurs when images are enlarged

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 10.82 × 62.4 × 6.2 cm

350 cd/m²

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